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November 2013

Beauty tips by Ana Siqueira


Well, I couldn’t possibly interview a makeup artist and not ask her about her favorite products and beauty tips. Since I thought this topic deserved a post of its own, I decided to split Ana Siqueira’s tips from her interview. What an amazing list; all very detailed and with great options at different price-points!

“I do an extensive and deep research about every product I need to own. I read reviews, watch videos; I collect so much information before buying them. I want to be sure that I will be purchasing the best product there is, not only for its performance but for its cost-benefit as well.

Prepare yourself: 

There are thousands of beautiful products out there, but most of them are purely based on a great marketing strategy. If you want to consider adding a product to your professional kit, it has to go beyond its marketability for the general public. Sometimes, the products the general public are responding to do end up in my kit, but most of the time, the ones that are professionally used are the ones that don’t necessarily have the prettiest packaging, the greatest fragrances or that are associated with the big fashion brands – more expensive and with a luxurious package. The ones that I do purchase, are the ones that will work well, made for professional make-up artists, like the Kryollans, Ben Nyes, Yabys, Graftobians, RCMAs… Brands that are not necessarily marketed for consumer use.

I start by the skincare step:

I think it is very important to wash the face with something that can deeply clean the skin, but gently; with nothing that could irritate your skin. I trust the following brands: Acne.org, Neutrogena, La Roche Posay, Avene, Dermalogica, and Cetaphil. This is the least mysterious part of the process. Just choose something simples, with no fragrance, and that will not over-dry your skin. I always have one of those in my kit. It is always changing but I think they are equally good.

Toning:  Most of the time, it is not really necessary. Cold water will have the same effect on most people. But if you really want a toner, I would suggest buying the witch Hazel – it costs 2 dollars and it does the trick.


Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre or Lait-Creme, especially for professional use. It is the most balanced and least allergenic in the world. Other options I would include Eucerin (I like the anti-wrinkle q10), Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve, Dramatically Different from Clinique for oily skin and if you feel like investing more: Koh Gen from Oriental Plants Emollient Cream.  

Serum: I really like the one from Dr. Pericone, High Potency Amine Complex Face Lif. Quemical Exfoliation is one of the key things you need to do in order to have beautiful skin. I trust the products by Dermalogica and Acne.org. I alternate both and think I can get very similar results. Acne.org, however, has a better price point. The Renu Exfoliating Gel from Sesha has also impressed me.

Make-up remover: Hands down, the Bioderma one. It is the least aggressive to the skin and the one that leaves the least amount of residues.


Oily Skin: Contém 1g primer (Brazilian Brand) or you can apply a layer of milk of magnesia before putting your make-up on.

Normal Skin: Primer HD from Makeup For Ever or Hourglass’ primer, they are both really good.

Dry Skin: A strong lotion would be the best option.


I use Bobbi Brown’s cream foundation, MUD’s, or RCMA’s professionally.  When I need to wear it myself, my go-to foundation would be Bobbi Brown’s foundation stick, but I know this is not usually a popular choice for personal use, and most people prefer liquid foundations. There are several good ones in the market, and my favorite is Make-up For Ever HD Foundation. Other ones I recommend: Illamaqua’s Skin, MAC’s Face and Body, all the ones from Koh Gen Do, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, and Maestro Foundations (this last one is great for dry skin ).

Important tip: Take it easy when applying foundation to your skin. If there is a part that already looks good, try not to apply too much – if any – to it.

Concealer: Bobbi Brown concealers and correctors, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer, and the ones from MUD. 

Powder: Diamond Powder Perfect Finish from Purely Cosmetics (it is not a famous brand), it is even better than HD powder from Make-up For Ever. For darker skin tones the Banana Powder from Ben Nye (or other translucent powder in yellow, orange, and caramel from the same brand.

Blush: I like Stila’s cream blush in Peony and the waterproof ones from Becca, the ones from Illamasqua (both powder and cream), and the ones from Nars. If you want something inexpensive and good at the same time, check out online the ones from La Femme or the ones from British brand Sleek. The Glow blush from MUD is very similar to the famous “Orgasm” from Nars. 

Brightner: Becca’s Shimmery Skin Perfector, Illamasqua’s Gleam, or MAC’s Cream Color Base for the creamy ones. Powder: The Balm’s Mary-LouMinizer. 

Bronzer: The matte bronzers from Smashbox (Suntan and Sunkissed), Chanel’s Bronze Universal, and Guerlain’s Terracota.

Contour powder: I tend to use creams from professional palettes but Kevin Aucoin’s Sculpting Powder has a really good color.

Eye Primer: Stila Smudgepot, Mac Prolongwear Paintpots (especially the Painterly), Nars Eye Primer, Paint pots from Estee Lauder. 

Eye shadows: I am in love with Yaby Cosmetics’ eye shadows. There are several goods eye shadows, but these are my favorites based on price, size, and quality. The blackest blacks are MAC’s “Black Black” and the “Blackdog” eye shadow from Urban Decay. I adore MAC’s pigments as well.

Eye Liner: Nars’ Extreme Lashes and Avon’s Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil.

Gel eyeliner: Clinique Brush and Bobbi Brown. They are very good and the one from Clinique is inexpensive and very good.

Glitters: MAC.

Mascara: Hypnose from Lancôme (nothing better for really dark, voluminous lashes), when I am looking for something to really elongate them, DJV Fiberwig is the go-to one (it is just surreal how much length your lashes will get with it). Inexpensive, drugstore finds: CoverGirl Lash Blast and L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon. 

Curvex:  Shu-Iemura or Emite. 

Eye Lashes: I usually buy the 747 online (most used fake eyelashes) at elegantlashes.com , but I also like the ones from Elite and MAC. 

Lip Pencil: I don’t see it as an essential item, but I like the ones from Lancôme, Smashbox and MAC. The ones from Lise Watier are really good, waterproof ones. 

Lipstick: MAC, Illamasqua, and Estee Lauder. Obviously, there are other more luxurious ones, but I honestly don’t think the benefits justify their prices. For the ones looking for luxury: Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. A red color that will last long: Maybelline 14-hour stay, in Continuously Cranberry. 

Lip-gloss: Illamasqua – FOR SURE, simply beautiful. In case you are traveling in the UK, make sure you check Collection’s Cream Puffs, they can be found at drugstores and are quite inexpensive and great to wear.

Eyebrows: MAC eyebrow powder – colors coquete and omega are great for blonds, and brun, mystery, or typographic for brunettes. They need to be used carefully. eyebrow pencil and grooming gel from MAC or Anastasia.

To make makeup last: Fixer Spray from Skindivania. To make a makeup lasts for weeks: Fixer Spray from Green Marble. Hahaha.

Brushes are my greatest love:

Good and inexpensive: the kits from Real Techniques.

A little more expensive and better: MAC. The majority of brushes are good, but my favorites are the 239, o 138 e o 165 (discontinued). The 131 is the best duo-fiber to apply foundation and the classic 217 to smudge.

For the ones willing to invest a lot: the Japane Hakuhodo – handmade, with the best available material and considered one of the best brushes in the world.

The Rae Morris kits are very expensive and very good, and the new Wayne Goss brushes seem to have the same finishing as the ones from Hakuhodo. They are less expensive, though.

Brushes for the lips, concealer, and eyeliner: Art brushes – the synthetic, fine ones. They are great and very inexpensive.

There is a long list of products that I use, but I think I covered pretty much everything. All my favorites were listed; all the hits in my kit!”


So, what do you guys think? Isn’t this the greatest beauty list?! Who else is feeling like updating their makeup bag items?

I certainly am…

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